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#StoryPlay no.12 - Whisper and Shout

Apr 24, 2014

Welcome to Storyplay - a Different Idea for Every Day

A story takes on a whole new character depending on how it’s told - of course - so let’s try the two extremes.

How does it feel when you listen to a story told by someone sitting behind you, whispering in your ear? And what about when they’re on the other side of the room, shouting it out at you?

You can try these with each couple doing it separately, or with everyone doing it together - what difference does it make? If it’s just you and one child, you can see whether anything changes if the stories are true of false, or recent or old?

#StoryPlay no.11 - Box / Bag / Frame

Apr 23, 2014

Welcome to Storyplay - a Different Idea for Every Day

There are many variations, as I’m sure you know, on the mystery bag or box full of objects, to use as stimulus for story creation. You can include a random selection of objects to link together in a narrative, or have one bag of objects/nouns and a box of actions/written verb prompts.
If you still need a bit more of a framework to get going, something like this can help: There was a _ , called _ who was going to a_ in a _ to see a _. On the way _ met a _ and they decided to _ together. The _ was called_. It was _. They were _. Finally they arrived at_ and they both_. _ was _. _ they said, and began to_.
There will probably be disagreements about how the framework should be, but that’s part of it!

#StoryPlay no.10 - Stories are Lies Truthfully Told

Apr 22, 2014

Welcome to Storyplay - a Different Idea for Every Day

This one is a little more conceptually challenging - I have an exercise I give grown-up groups that I call “2 Truths and a Lie”, in which groups of three adults take it in turns to tell each other exactly that.
The game here is not just being able to tell the difference (guess?) between the two, but to have a proper grown-up chat about how it feels to tell each of these things. Where is the moral compass in telling a fiction for entertainment, versus telling it for personal gain, and how does its telling vary from a non-fictional anecdote? Is it okay to bend the truth for effect?
Probably not a game for toddlers. . .

#StoryPlay no.9 - Silly Competition

Apr 21, 2014
Welcome to Storyplay - a Different Idea for Every Day
A pass the parcel game, with each player adding either a single word, or a single sentence (try both) to construct a story in collaboration. 
The meaning must be clear, the grammar correct, but the content as utterly silly as possible. . .  that’s what you get the points for. It can also be used as a bit of a memory game.

#StoryPlay no.8 - No Words Here

Apr 21, 2014
Welcome to Storyplay - a Different Idea for Every Day
Can you take a favourite story - either known by heart, or in a book - and retell it without words so it can be understood by someone who doesn’t know it?
With gestures, symbols, pointing at objects and acting out, it can be quite possible - and fun! You can even film it to show someone else later, and to critique what works and what is confusing.