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What I can do for you.......

Are you......

A school?

A literary festival,theatre/arts venue or event?

A library, gallery or museum?

An orchestra, production company or other commissioner?


What can it be?

Is it an island?

A lake?

A sea?

A duvet?

A mountain?

The children always have lots of ideas

But the truth is.....
It’s my GIGANTIC, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING Storytelling skirt, and once I put it on, the stories come, “out of the air, and into my brain, out of my mouth and into your ....ears.”

Play me!

Such an spectacular object always has a massive impact, and helps win over the audience right away as they snuggle around it’s opulent edges, with ears and faces open and ready for the first story......

All of my material is original, very funny, often rhyming, and there are lots of opportunities for the children to join in if they want to.

"The best storyteller we've ever had!"